Yamaha Vmax

Logo Vmax

The kit lay on the motorcycle without any modification. It is in
fiberglass + epoxy resin of high quality.

Saddler, rear light, indicators are home manufactured and sold retail.
Pieces do not require _washer_ for the alignment.

A compartment tools is available under the passenger saddle.

Pieces are made by ACT COMPOSIT GENEVA, see link for prices of pieces
and order.

The project began as follows: BADAN motorcycle (Geneva), kindly gave me
a bike that I realized different air scoops, that way the bike looks
like a brand new VMAX. To the success of these parts, I realized sides
covers and a matching motor shoe.

A rear hull was modeled and the final fake tank cover, the kit was done.

The following year, a new rear seat was a breastplate scooter. Aerox Yam
was produced and scoops radiators. The Vmax have an overheating problem;
these scoops exhausted air from the radiator to the outside and not on
the engine as they should do.